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Automotive Testing Products

>   Position Sensors (LVDTs, RVDTs, Signal Conditioners)

>   Pressure Sensors (Barometric, Brake Line, Transmission Line, Coolant, etc...)

>   Load & Torque (standard & customized solutions - strain gaging services, consulting, etc...)

>   Flow (flow meters, air, liquid, mass, volumetric - calibration services) 

>   Temperature (brake pad, coolant, oil, exhaust, catalytic converters, etc...)

>   Pressure Mapping & Force Distribution systems (brake pads, door seals, wipers, seating, etc...)

>   Portable Data Acquisition systems / Data Loggers - customized per unique requirements)

1) Flow Measurement for fuel, coolant, intake air, exhaust gas, etc
"EXACT" Flow Meters, precision
                        automotive testing
2) Brake Pedal Force transducer, new Low Profile design.
repeatable no matter where the driver steps:

Brake Pedal Force Sensor
INTERFACE Load Cells & Torque Transducers
INTERFACE Load Cells & Torque sensors
3) Pressure / Force Distribution systems from TekScan:
TIRE SCAN system
Automotive Seat Testing & Design with BPMS
TekScan Body Pressure Measurement System
Automotive Door Seal & Mounting Pressure
TekScan Door Seal contact area measurement
Brake Pad Pressure Distribution
TekScan Brake Pad / Caliper force
Windshield Wiper Pressure Distribution
TekScan "WIPER" Pressure
                      Distribution Monitoring System
4) Pressure, Vacuum, & Barometric transducers:
Differential Pressure Transducers
High Accuracy Pressure Sensors
                  Accuracy Pressure Sensors
5) Position Sensors / LVDTs
Precision Powition Sensors
Position Transducers
7) Strain Gaging Services & Assemblies: Standard off-the-shelf, and, custom. Fast turn-around, competitive pricing
Strain Gaging, Custom Temp Sensors
8) TC wire, connectors, accessories at lowest possible prices:
TEMPERATURE: sensors, heaters, controllers & related accessories:
Temp sensors,
                      connectors, TC Wire, etc...
9) Calibration equipment & Services:
Hand Held
                      Calibrators, Sensor Simulators
Flow Calibration
10) Data Acquisition Systems. We do customized PC based systems specializing in small, and, portable DASYLab & LabView software very reasonable pricing.
Portable DAQ
                      Systems & Data Loggers

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