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Automotive / Vehicle Testing Products
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1) LINK Engineering, V-Max Modular Data Acquisition:
LINK V-Max          LINK V-Max Sensors
LINK Engineering  V-Max 4000 - Modular Data Acquisition Systems

2) Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Brake Pedal Force Transducers:

Pedal                Force Sensor Load & Torque sensors     Bearingless Torque Sensors

3) Pressure / Force Distribution systems from TekScan:

          TIRE SCAN     
BPMS Seat Testing  Seal & Mounting             Brake Pad                   Wipers        

TekScan TireScan              System     TekScan Seat Pressure              Monitoring System     TekScan Door Seal              Pressure Distribution     TekScan Brake              Pad Pressure Distribution     TekScan Wiper Force              Monitoring

4) Pressure, Vacuum, Differential, & Barometric transducers:

Wet - Wet Differential Pressure Transducer     Automotive Pressure Sensors
     MeaSol Pressure Transducers

5) Position Sensors / LVDTs from ASG & RDP:

LVDT     Position Transducers     LVDT Signal Conditioning

6) CTC: Accelerometers, Vibration, Tilt / Angle Sensors

Vibration, Acceleration, Tilt, Angle

7) Strain Gaging Services;  Temp & Air Flow Assemblies;  Slip Rings:

CEL              Advanced Technology Group    Air              Flow and Temperature AssembliesCustom Temp Sensor Assemblies

8) TCs, RTDs, TC wire, Connectors, Assemblies, Accessories:

TC Wire &
connectors, RTDs, Assemblies, Signal Conditioners, & related accessories:
Strap-On Temp Sensor     TC Wire & Connectors     Bolt-On Temp Sensor

9) Calibration equipment:

Hand-Held              Calibrators

10) Data Acquisition Systems, DASYLab & LabView software:

Portable              DAQ System
    Strain Gage            Amplifiers     Multi-Channel, Mini DaqBox System

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