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Tekscan I-Scan / Tekscan FlexiForce / Tekscan PreScale Film

   Tekscan (Pressure Sensitive Film, & 2D / 3D imaging I-SCAN software)

   Tekscan I-Scan "Start-Up" Guide (0.5 Mb PowerPoint)

>   Tekscan I-Scan "System" Selection Guide

   Tekscan I-Scan "Sensor" Selection Guide

   "PreScale" Pressure Indicating Film

   Tekscan "FlexiForce" Systems

   TekScan "FlexiForce" Sensors

   Special Designs, Customized Solutions

TekScan Nip Pinch Roller application TekScan BPMS Body Pressure Monitoring System
TekScan CMP Chemical Mechanical Polishing
TekScan Fuel Cell Stack Presure Force
                  Distribution TekScan Grip Sensing robotic hand force
                  monitoring TekScan Heat Sink contact area clamping force
TekScan FLatness gasket force seating pressure TekScan TireScan Tire Scan tire tread contact
                  pressure force TekScan Brake Pad Contact imaging caliper
                  flatness disk brake

FlexiForce Starter Kit:  Starting at $95.00*

            Starter Kit, Starting at $79
*:  When ordered from Measurement Solutions, and,
with shipping address in:  Arizona, New Mexico, or, West Texas.

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