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Calibration Equipment

Our manufacturers stock a wide variety of new and used Calibration Equipment -
we can also sell our demonstration equipment at reduced cost.  Please let us know what you are looking for.

Force Calibration SystemForce Calibration SystemReference Calibration System

   ISOTECH (Primary, Secondary & Industrial Calibrators for Temperature)

   TTI (Portable & Benchtop Calibrators for Temperature, Pressure, Signal, etc...)

   PIE - Practical Inst. Elec. (Hand-Held 4-20mA Loop, Temp)

   INTERFACE GOLD STANDARD Computer Based Cal System (Automated Load, Torque, mV sensors)
_   INTERFACE GOLD STANDARD Calibration System Description (Word Doc)
   INTERFACE GOLD STANDARD Calibration System Software (4Mb PPT)
   INTERFACE GOLD STANDARD E4 Machine Cal Description (Word Doc)

   Flow Dynamics:  Flow Calibrations for standard and exotic gases and liquids, and,
Flow Calibrators - standard and custom designs in all sizes

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