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Flow Sensors, Flow meters, Flow Computers, & Instrumentation

>   Flow for "Water / Wastewater" Projects
>   Turbine Flow Meters - Industrial & test systems
>   Dual turbine for exact flow measurements
>   MagMeters;  Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Flow sensing elements, etc...

Flow Computer & Data Acquisition System:
Receives inputs from Flow Meters, Temperature Sensors, and, Pressure Transducers;
Automatically compensates for variable changes;
Connects to computer via USB;
Displays real time graphs & numerical displays in real time;
Additional programmable Analog Outputs, alarms, math functions, displays, etc...

Flow Computer / Data Acquisition System

          Computer Software Screen shot
>  Precision Flowmeters
>  Industrial Flowmeters
>  Very Low Flow Flowmeters
>  Oval Gear Flowmeters
>  Gas & Air Flowmeters
>  Accessories for Flowmeters
>  Metrology / Calibration Flowmeters
>  Data Sheets & Manuals
>  Calibration & Repair Services
>  Flow Measurement App Notes & White Papers
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