Solutions, 480-897-0300
Force, Load, Tension, Strain, &, Torque

   Imperial Instruments - Load Cell Signal Conditioning & Custom Weighing Assemblies

   Torque Sensors - Standard & Custom designs

   CEL (Cleveland Electric Labs) in Tempe, AZ:
Manufacturer of standard & custom Temperature Sensors, Strain Gage Assemblies,
Fiber Optic Temp & Strain Systems, and, custom sensor & Instrumentation systems.

   Strain Gaging Services and Consulting

   Cleveland Electric Labs, Tempe, AZ - Strain Gaging Services & Fiber Optic Strain Gages

Measurement Solutions Integration Services:

   Weighing Systems, etc...
   Force / Position Controllers, etc...
   Custom Test Stands - Static & Dynamic, etc...
   Fastener Test Systems (torque vs. Clamping force), etc...

Customized DaqBox Data
          Acquisition Systems
Imperial Instruments 217-322-2912

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