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Viatran Pressure Sensors, Transducers, and Transmitters

Viatran History
Viatran is a worldwide leader providing innovative pressure and level transmitters. Our high accuracy transducers and rugged pressure transmitters provide repeatable measurements over a wide range of pressures and temperatures.
Viatran pressure sensors offer mV/V, voltage and 4-20 mA outputs along with a variety of electrical connections and pressure port fittings.
Our pressure sensor product families include standard duty pressure transmitters, high accuracy pressure transducers, differential pressure transmitters, submersible pressure sensors,
process pressure transmitters, sanitary pressure transducers, flush mount pressure sensors, severe duty pressure transmitters, and special duty pressure sensors.
For half a century, Viatran has been solving pressure, level measurement, extreme temperature and fast response problems in some of the toughest application environments -
highly corrosive media, damaging cyclic pressure, and severe shock and vibration.
Viatran pressure sensors and level measurement transmitters are designed for applications such as oil and gas services, steel production, food and medical equipment, die casting, chemical production and various automotive and aerospace tests.

Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter
Viatran Rapid Ship
High Pressure Transducers
Hazardous Area Pressure Transmitters
245 High Accuracy Pressure Transducer
247 347 General Purpose Pressure Transducers
247 347 Wet Wet Low Range Differential Pressure
Submersible Pressure Transmitter
Submersible Pressure Transducers
Submersible Transmitter Accessories
Digital Displays Pressure Controllers Digital
                  Panel Meter
                  Tip Pressure Trnsducer
Sanitary Pressure Transducer Sanitary Pressure
Freeze Valve - LPG Dryness Measurement Propane
                  Moisture measurement
Isolator for Sanitary & Flow Through Pressure
                  Sensor Accessories
Pressure Sensor Software Computer Software
Viatran Legacy Products

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